Welcome to Cognation Inc.

Cognation Inc is a private consulting firm assisting in the development and marketing of technology focused products and applications.

50% of the work we perform is consulting on external client projects covering a number of IT technologies and strategies.

  • This may be on a 'per project' basis at an hourly rate, or on a permanent monthly retainer.
  • It can involve skill sets from marketing, product review and analysis, turnkey ideation, wholesale channel development and other specialist start up advice etc.
  • The benefit we provide is assisting IT companies getting where they want to be fast.

    We come in - clearly establish project requirements - and simply "just do what needs to be done quickly and easily" all while saving you time, money and allowing you to concentrate on other areas.


50% on internal projects.

  • Primarily funding the development of software applications.
  • Securing exclusive Australian distribution rights for various commercial IT and networking software applications or products. By using our existing contact base of System Integrators and Resellers in Australia we can help you can get traction faster, cheaper and easier than hiring a permanent in country representative.
  • We also own distribution rights on a few consumer orientated products.

Some of my clients include:
- Large Companies:
AAPT, Cisco, CRC, Ericsson, Fujitsu, Salesforce.com, Singapore Telecom,
- Small Companies:
Amethon, Einsteinz, Fernbrook Services, ISPBX, MassMedia Studios, Mexuar, Unisona.

Should you have a suitable project please call for a free initial discussion about how we can help you get where you need to be, fast.


Dean Collins
Managing Consultant
Cognation Inc
+1-212-203-4357   (New York)
+61-2-9016-5642   (Sydney in-dial)
+44-20-3129-6001 (London in-dial)

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